EP073 sees the return of Tabb to the label and what a return it is! Across his three track EP, he has created beautifully emotive synth music and we can confirm all tracks work amazingly in a club setting too. Sometimes when you have a well needed break, you come back so much stronger.

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About us

Extended Play is the Belfast house imprint owned and run by JMX & T-Bone. The EP ethos is simple, something that sounds ridiculously fresh and futuristic but has its roots in the past is usually a dead cert. We love it when people get the old school/new school balance just right: weird synth lines, 909 drum programming, fat bass action and an interesting vocal can often provide the winning combo. Anyone who excites us with their demo is as likely to get their music released alongside more well known names. We generally approach the people we've been hammering tracks by in our DJ sets for our remixes and we are not bothered so much by hype, meaning it's really natural in the selection process and about just trusting our ears. Our releases are quite varied but always aimed at the floor. That could mean early doors, peak time or even an end-of-the-nighter, so a club is still the best environment but the after hours can often make good sense too.